Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet Axel....

My friends Jackie & Cheryl are well known for their love of anything with four legs. So it never surprises me to hear that another creature in need of a home has found its way to them. The other day, I went to photograph their latest foster furkid, Axel--a one year old purebred dachshund.

Like most critters, he wasn't too sure about the big black camera being waved in his face. But his temperment is such that he pretty quickly adapted.

He gets along remarkably well with the pack of large dogs & crazy cats he was thrust into, but his favorite place of all is still a lap. He's a real snuggler!

And frankly, he's a really handsome boy!

Like all young dogs, he's happiest with something tasty to chew. Look at him go! And I was very pleased to see that he didn't get overprotective of his bed or his chewie, in spite of me holding the camera right under his nose. He's going to make a great pet!

Axel is being neutered this week & then will be ready for his forever home. If you are interested in adopting this sweetie of a dog, please email me here and I'll make sure your mail is forwarded.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Axel! What a sweetie. I would love to see pictures of the tiger cubs that you took recently. Sharon P