Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gretchen -- at 32 weeks

Gretchen & I have worked together for about three years now. We've been through who-knows-how-many-reorgs, my wedding, her solo cross-country drive to pick up her beloved Mini Cooper, and more conversations than either of us could count about...well, about everything! She's been both a friend & mentor to me, and I was simply thrilled for her & her husband David when they announced they were expecting.

And they've been doubly blessed, with twin girls!

Now, I've never been through a friend's pregnancy with multiples. Watching Gretchen's belly swell has been simply amazing. I admit, there are times I've been astonished at how much she changes from week to week! We took this shot at 20 weeks as a progress report....

Back then, her wedding ring was already moved to her pinky finger. Now her rings are strung on her favorite cross.

Last week, we did a full maternity session. She & David clearly have so much fun together. They're so much in love, and so very, very happy about this pregnancy.

Here are a few of my other favorites:

These two are so playful, it was sometimes hard to keep up with them!

But like most new parents, there's a lot of quiet introspection going on as well.

Gretchen & David--you two are the best! Can't wait to meet the girls very soon!


Laurel said...

Ooh! can't wait to see the newborn shots with twins!! You're so lucky to have such a fun opportunity!!!

Heather said...

V - these are GREAT shots....