Wednesday, January 9, 2008 it Spring (Training) yet?

Waiting for Spring

Yes, I'm perfectly aware that it's still football season, and that the Seahawks vs. Green Bay should be uppermost in my mind. I'll watch the game, I promise. I'll even wear blue. And I'll knit while it's on...we've only ever lost one playoff game since I took up knitting during the games. I swear, I'll do my part.


We're just 46 days from pitchers & catchers reporting to spring training in Peoria. And I find I can't stop checking all the baseball rumor sites to see what moves the Mariners make before then. I'm literally driving Steve nuts, muttering over my computer as I analyze each projected move & rant about not trading favorite players. It amuses the heck out of him that I can quote stats at him regarding righties vs. lefties at Safeco Field & that I'm following the pitching situation so closely.

Of course, he's the one buying Mariner ornaments for the Christmas tree, and reminding me that Fan Fest is on the 26th & 27th of this month--which day would I prefer to go?

My husband loves me so much, he even bought me Mariners socks this year. (see guys, sometimes socks DO make a good gift!)

So here's to my beloved team....and to the promise of sunny days at the ballpark, hot dogs & garlic fries, and maybe, just maybe, a playoff game or two?

Postscript: Right after I finished this post, the same "beloved" husband came up with an anagram of "Seattle Mariners"--"insert real team"--and promptly announced that no amount of trades would accomplish that. I'm not sure I'm still speaking to him....

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