Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ANTI-Workshop, pt. 2: The Luck of the Draw

It's been a week since the beginning of the Anti-Workshop, and I'm still so keyed up I can't sleep. So I thought I'd get part 2 in. :)

For Wednesday's assignment, we broke into teams of three by drawing numbers.

The first person I found on my team was Dustin Steller, of Kansas City. Dustin is a phenomenal graphic designer & a fabulous photographer. We'd met the first night & I was excited to work with him.

The second person was Jesh de Rox. Yes, I'll admit to being intimidated! But Jesh is one of the nicest, most genuine people I've ever met, as well as being an utterly amazing artist. He has the most incredible sense of "play" of any adult I've ever seen, and it translates into his work in many ways.

Then we were assigned our model for the day. Each team was given a "bride" to work with. Some were models, some were photographers--all were wearing different styles of wedding dresses. We were assigned to work with Jessica Claire, normally a spectacular SoCal wedding photographer, wearing a fabulous 1920's flapper dress--and she wasn't allowed to bring a camera with her! I think she had the hardest job of all, trying to keep up with Jesh & Dustin, and unable to capture any of it for herself.

Here are a few captures from the day--the rest can be seen on the website:

Jesh & Dustin at work:

One shot on the scavenger hunt was supposed to be "headless". Needless to say, this shot was all Jesh.....

As I told Dalisa Cooper that night, I learned so much from these three amazing people by photographing with them, I don't think I'll even know how much I absorbed that day for weeks or months to come. Dustin's eye for design & ability to previsualize an image before capturing it, Jesh's creative mind & boundless sense of humor, Jessica's sense of adventure & willingness to try almost anything to make a shot work for us.....It was an incredible day that I simply won't forget.


laurel said...

gasp! these are wonderful! the use of light on the ones on your site are absolutely stunning.... you go girl!!!!!!!! wish i woulda gone.... ahhh, maybe next time!

Lucky Red Hen said...

LOVE that one behind the vines! So bummed we didn't already live back there when this happened because I SO wanted to go. Can't wait to hear more about Jesh so I can prepare to meet him in Mexico at [url="http://www.josevillaworkshops.com/"]Jose Villa's workshop[/url]!