Saturday, September 27, 2008

Due to illness.....

V Lynne Photography has temporarily shut its doors. If you are a current client trying to reach me, please submit a comment with your contact info (this will not be publicly posted). Comments will be monitored by a friend to make sure that each is taken care of.

More details:

Unfortunately in the spring of this year I became very ill; I have been on medical leave from my main job since that point. I thought everyone had been contacted by an associate; however, I heard from a client yesterday that shows this may not have been the case. As the current prognosis has no near term timeline for recovery, I am opting not to take on new commitments until the medical team can give me clearer answers about what to expect.

Again, if you are a current client who has been trying to reach me, please accept my apologies and comment here so someone can get in touch with you.

Blessings & best wishes to you all,