Saturday, November 10, 2007

11/5/2007 - John & Amy's Wedding, Seymour Conservatory

Most people would wonder about the idea of a Monday wedding, but when a particular day is special to you, you'll do whatever it takes to hold your wedding on that day.

For John & Amy, who met online while gaming seven years ago, being married on this special Monday was so important, they even put up with having to make special arrangments for their venue on a day it was normally closed, wrestling with finding vendors who usually take Monday off, having the restaurant for their planned brunch suddenly close its doors....I'm sure they thought at times this would never come together. Instead, everything went perfectly, and Seattle produced a gloriously sunny day--something very very rare in November!

This was a wonderful joining of two souls who fell in love before they ever met "in person"--and that love showed through in every interaction they shared. Their families are some of the sweetest I've met this year, and both sides were clearly very happy to help make this day even more special for the bride & groom.

Make sure you check out their slideshow here to get a feel for their day! It takes a bit to load (don't try it on dialup!), but it's worth it. :)

The wonderful Salon Maison provided hair & makeup to the women of Amy's family. I've said it before & I'll say it again, they are hands down my favorite vendor! I've never seen a bride of theirs who wasn't absolutely stunning when they were done.

Amy's mother actually made her dress and matching cape. As someone who cannot sew, I was completely in awe!

The Seymour Conservatory is a gorgeous venue....I'm sorry to say I've lived here thirteen years & had no idea it existed. I love the things I learn in this business!

John's aunt was their celebrant, and conducted a beautiful ceremony. It's always great to have someone close to the couple officiate, I think it makes the event even more meaningful!

Amy's cousin is an incredible singer. Let me tell you, I was grateful at this point for autofocus, as I teared up along with everyone else. Oh, and she took credit for bringing the amazing weather with her (and her family) all the way from Tucson. So I'm grateful to her for that too. ;)

The toasts were some of the most touching I've witnessed, and the cake was simply beautiful. But you'll have to check out the slideshow to see those!

John & Amy--thanks again for letting me share in your day, and enjoy your time in Vegas!!!!

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