Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nikki & Bryan...& Charlie too!

We had a wonderful time with Nikki & Bryan last night at Robinswood Park. It was important to them to include their year and a half old Puggle (that's a cross between a pug & beagle for you non dog folks!). As young dogs do, Charlie was FULL of energy, so we ran him around the dog park for half an hour before the start of shooting. It was a perfect arrangment; he was an absolute angel for the rest of the evening. :)

My absolute favorite photo was this one:

Poor Charlie was so confused as to why I was on the ground!

A few other favorites:

Full size versions can be viewed on my website under Event Galleries. This is also where the remainder of the shoot will appear in a few days.

Nikki & Bryan, we had a blast working with you & wish you all the best as you continue your wedding planning! And give Charlie a hug from us both. :)

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